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Bridging The Gap
Hacks To Boost Your Work Productivity
  Saturday 15 August, 2015
Hacks To Boost Your Work Productivity

It does happen that we find ourselves deeply involved in the thought process, constantly mapping sources to derive the right motivation and keep up on the right track. We think about the time which always falls short, and the numerous things that demand a major chunk out of our consideration.
The air encircling our mind often comprises of the targets that need to be achieved, work responsibilities the job profile entails and the immense pressure that has to be dealt with. For sure, it took some hard work to secure a job, but is that it?

What one needs is to maintain an optimum level of productivity in every walk of professional life. Hence mentioned below are a few hacks that will help you in the same regard!

Never Abstain From Seeking Help
In majority of the cases, productivity takes a dip, majorly due to the inability to handle workload.Itís completely fine if the work assignments are getting way beyond your limits to handle efficiently. What you need is to seek a helping hand and delegate work accordingly. However, this would only work if you trust your team members, completely!
Let them know that youíre struggling with deadlines and the kind of assistance you need. Make sure that your colleague has all the resources thatíre required and direct in the best way possible for him to reach the desired deliverable. This way you can reinforce the fact that you are no less of a team player and be at par with work targets at the same instance.

Start and End Your Day on A Light Note
It often happens that you reach work and start getting done with the mails, right away. Well, it might just caught some fatigue later during the day, so thereís a dire need to curb the same. Plus, this also causes for other peopleís agendas to trump your work objectives that you had in mind initially. Itís quite easy to keep answering mails all day, without even working on the key deliverables. Goes without saying, itís futile to quite an extent.
Instead, what one requires is to get some time off the mundane activities and devote a chunk to collectivize the thoughts on the most important deliverables during each day. Maintain a to-do list and do start your day with sipping a cup of tea and going through the same for 5-6 minutes!

Minimize Distractions
Although itís great to take regular breaks between the tasks you execute, but being too much into the same mood would only fester things and disrupt your schedule. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great ways to stay connected with your network round the globe, but taking them in an overdose can really make things go wayward. This is quite clearly validated by the fact that in the US, more than 12.2 billion collective hours are spent on social networking sites every day.
It happens that either you get stuck in web browsing breaks or the incessant chats on your smartphone. Seriously, thereís so much to cater to, but prioritizing is the only way to help yourself.

Take the Gamification Route and Set Clear Goals
You and your team will always find work to be demotivating, if the interest factor seems out to be fading with every passing minute. Thereís nothing more devastating in the world than a bore employee dealing with projects, reports and policies. The need of the hours is top gamify the whole idea of work and keep yourself and the team interested towards every modicum of work assigned.
Be clear about your key responsibility areas and work in line with the companyís vision. Having ensured this thereíll not even be a meagre chance of you losing interest, getting demotivated or being unproductive.

Hacks might go till infinity. But, the imperative thing to consider is to make amends and come up as an employee who sets the work culture and productivity level in the team on track!

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he works for Naukrigulf.com and writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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