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Bridging The Gap
First Dates and today's other TV highlights.
  Saturday 13 January, 2018
First Dates and today\'s other TV highlights.

The standout news is that First Dates Ireland is back, this time for an extended run of 12 episodes. You lucky people!

The most romantic restaurant on Irish TV throws open its doors once more as hit dating show First Dates Ireland returns for a second season.

Following on the success of the opening run of six shows, this season is double in size, and – so we're told - bigger all-round. This means more cameras, more love-seeking singletons and even more access to those intimate, funny, sometimes excruciating blind date moments.

The new season also marks the return of Croatian Sensation, Maître D’ Mateo Saina, playing Cupid alongside barman Ethan Miles and waitress Alice Marr.

In episode one country music fan Rachel meets up with carpenter Conor, while Paddy and Lauren go on their first date.

Here's another one of those low-budget horror movies with an unknown cast that defies its lack of cash and well-known faces to come up with the goods.

In 17th century New England, a man named William is threatened with banishment, along with his family, from a Puritan plantation, due to a difference in interpretation of the New Testament.

The family decides to leave the church and the plantation it controls and builds a farm by the edge of a large, secluded forest far from the Puritan settlement.

His wife Katherine soon gives birth to her fifth child, Samuel. While being closely watched by his sister Thomasin, Samuel gets kidnapped by a witch living in the woods, who kills and uses him to make a flying ointment for her body.

Lee decides to gatecrash Whitney's girls' night out, but things go wrong when he makes a worrying discovery as a result. Drunk and emotional, Lee unleashes his wrath on Whitney and blames her for everything that's happened to him recently.

Whitney then heads to The Vic for an escape from the argument and when Lee tries to get her to return home, Mick intervenes by sending him away.

Meanwhile, Jack continues to plan the funeral. As the kids are still struggling to understand what's going on, Glenda suggests that they shouldn't attend but Jack disagrees. Elsewhere, Travis asks Louise out on a date.

One of the funniest women in comic history, Joan Rivers may no longer be with us but at least there are golden gems such as this to remind us of her greatness.

Never one to take a prisoner when a complete character assassination was possible, Rivers was a true democrat in that no one was safe from her cutting tongue and trademark put-downs.

In this live stand-up event from 2012 she goes to great lengths to take on everyone with her trademark wit. With her infectious energy Joan owns the stage from start to finish, leaving the audience in stitches as everything and everybody who's somebody are fair game.

Offering viewers a comedic take on the US presidential Inauguration, Dee’s Inauguration HelpDesk will see the comedian, turned agony uncle, help his studio audience to overcome their problems and aims to shed light on their dilemmas and issues relating to Donald Trump's ascendence to the White House.

JD will be accompanied by a panel of four guests, including comic Romesh Ranganathan and TV presenter Gabby Logan. Nothing is written or prepared and the panel don't know what the questions from the audience will be until the show begins. So they are literally making it up as they go along.


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