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Bridging The Gap
Endorsement: Hillary Clinton for President
  Sunday 16 October, 2016
Endorsement: Hillary Clinton for President

By Mansoor Qureshi:
2016 is a challenging and difficult year for all Americans. With daggers drawn, one camp – the Trump Republicans – has helped raise the ugly head of racism and segregation against minority communities one more time in American history. They have wrongly evoked the emotions and sentiments of simple American folks, driving them towards negativity and away from the true American spirit and traditions which have made this a great country.

But we believe that sense prevails among the vast majority of Americans who value the American tradition. These are the people who will continue to make America great with open arms for all and a positive view towards the growth of our economy and society. This is the camp of Hillary Clinton.

Nazism, fascism and racism have no place in this great country. Hatred eats into the core of a society and can only lead to destruction. It is love and a feeling of equality combined with the values of freedom and liberty that overcomes the darkness of hatred and destruction.

2016 will determine the victory of optimism over negativity, of love over hatred, of globalism over regionalism, of humanity over racism, of liberty and human rights for all over fascism. Hillary is the voice that will triumph over Trump.

In addition to this essential requirement of continuity in our tradition, the American people are always concerned about other key issues that affect our lives, our lifestyle, our way of living and our economy.

Over the past 8 years, we have seen many positive changes during the tenure of President Obama. The economy which was in recession has rebounded and many issues like affordable healthcare for all and increase in jobs have seen a positive change. This needs to continue. We do not need to see a reversal of the positive things. Trump promises the opposite which will be disastrous for America.

As a part of the South Asian American community, we can see some key issues that have been shaping the course of this election year.

Affordable healthcare for all is an essential need of a society. Healthcare is not meant to be a luxury. Many progressive countries recognized this decade ago. This does affect the immediate needs of recent immigrants like the nascent South Asian American community. Obamacare has opened the doors for us. We need to take it to the next stage where every American is covered and can enjoy good healthcare. Hillary is in the right direction to care for all American healthcare needs.

Security and safety is another key concern for all Americans including the South Asian Americans. While terrorism has raised its ugly head on American soil, the true answer is through gun control and limiting access to weapons and tools of destruction to curb crime in all its forms. Terrorism and crime cannot be curbed through demonizing any one ethnic or religious community. Deranged individuals exist in every ethnic and religious group. And Hillary understands this very well. We need to make America safe for the whites and blacks, Mexicans and Latinos, Jews and Christians and Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs, Poles and Italians, LGBT and other sexually oriented people, men and women, children and adults, rich and poor. We all need safety and security without compromising our basic rights and freedom. This is what Hillary stands for.

While we did finally come out of recession after 2008 and the Obama government record on growth in jobs is remarkable, we need to focus once again on economic wellbeing of all Americans, and particularly for the lower middle class. By granting tax breaks for the rich, Trump wants to make the rich richer. We need to spur the economy by incentivizing domestic and international trade, increasing the minimum wage limits, taxing the rich, creating better infrastructure, and generating better opportunities for the SME sector. Hillary understands this well.

Our taxes fund the so-called financial losses of the likes of Donald Trump who has not paid taxes in the past two decades. How can this economy prosper when the poor continue to fund rich who know the loopholes?

During the past couple of decades, we have seen a greater involvement of Americans in tensions and wars on the other continents. This has led to pitting Americans against other nations, and creating misunderstanding with other countries. Hillary has the experience to understand the global dynamics, and we have a greater chance of reducing international tensions under her leadership rather than relying on mavericks like Trump. We need to make this into a better world where all nations respect each other and are willing to live in peace. Hillary can provide that leadership. She is well respected globally and knows the art of diplomacy despite pitfalls.

Our growth over the decades has been linked closely with the extensive use of non-renewable energy resources, leading to massive pollution of the Earth’s atmosphere and the oceans. Competing with other nations, we all moved towards self-destruction on this planet. In recent years, the USA has taken a lead in cleaning up our atmosphere and the oceans. The recent Paris agreement under the leadership of President Obama is indeed a milestone. But we need to go further to save this planet. Hillary has promised to take the lead in the fight for our environment and our planet, something which the other camp doesn’t even recognize as an issue.

From talking about key immigration reforms, including a long and arduous pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers, to sharing policies that will help grow small businesses, Hillary Clinton has touched upon issues that are of immense concern to the South Asian communities.

Fully aware of the importance South Asians contribution in education, she has talked about opening new charter schools and supporting public, private, magnet and home schooling systems in order to give greater choice and control to parents. Steeped in a tradition of forging long working partnerships with their healthcare providers, South Asians have not taken too well to being forced into changing healthcare plans and letting go of their past providers. Clinton has been quick to spot this concern. She has made it clear that she will work towards giving South Asian Americans back the right to choose a health insurance plan that works for them and allows them to visit the doctors they fully trust.

We need to eliminate the bias against women in our society, and discourage the types of sexism that Trump promotes and represents. We cannot bear to see a presidential candidate demean women the way Trump has done. We need respect and rights for every man and woman.

Hailing from a middle class origin, Clinton understands why immigrants come to America – to achieve the American Dream. Like all of us, she personally knows the difficulties of acclimatizing to a new country, language and culture. She knows the hard work and sacrifices that immigrant families offer in order to support their families and the valuable contribution they make through their taxes. However, this sense of enlightened compassion for immigrated communities has often been lacking in modern-day political discourse. Hillary Clinton is one woman that has decided to change all that for good. Her policies and agenda for economic growth, educational development, better healthcare and more jobs will help restore the American Dream and make it more attainable by all – including South Asians.

As for the South Asian American community, we have already seen Hillary Clinton reaching out to them as she has done to other communities like the Latinos and blacks. We expect to see her take a lead in contributing to every minority community – ethnic or religious – and making us all feel safe and secure. Her values and principles truly resonate among our community and her unequivocal support for family values and religious freedom mirrors our own Islamic, Christian and Hindu beliefs.

At Capital Post, we are confident that Hillary Clinton is the best choice to represent us, our values and the South Asian community’s immediate and long-term interests in the White House.

We encourage all Americans – Republican and Democrat – to come forward to vote for Hillary Clinton in the November elections. In particular, we call upon all South Asian Americans to exercise their right to vote by coming out in large numbers to vote and contribute towards success for Hillary.

Remember, one visionary leader, Hillary Clinton, has definitely got a plan. Combine that with her rich experience, strategic foresight and endearing personality and you’ve got the perfect candidate to repose your faith in.

Therefore, the Capital Post (a leading community voice for Pakistani and South Asian Americans, and the largest newspaper for Americans of South Asian and Middle Eastern descent in the Washington, DC metropolitan area) hereby fully endorses the candidacy of respected Madam Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States of America.

We endorse her for her values and ideas for change will represent our needs as a growing, evolving and increasingly influential community. We know that Hillary Clinton will serve all – including Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus - as our next U.S. president.

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 ,New York  Date:Monday 31 October, 2016

 ,New York  Date:Monday 31 October, 2016

 ,New York  Date:Monday 31 October, 2016

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Current Conditions:
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