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Bridging The Gap
Education Month launches with ‘wellness’ theme.
  Monday 05 February, 2018
Education Month launches with ‘wellness’ theme.

As schools across the country opened their doors on Monday, the Education Ministry launched

Education Month 2017, which focuses on wellness and family, with the aim of linking

academics with community development. The fact that education is at the heart of community

development prompted this year’s theme “Promoting Wellness in Communities through Quality

It was announced by Chief Education Officer (CEO) Marcel Hutson, who told a

A section of the gathering at the launch of Education Month 2017
gathering at Umana Yana in Kingston, Georgetown, that quality education was a human right.
“We at the Ministry of Education have been working assiduously to ensure our children from

every part of Guyana, including the hinterland, enjoy the best possible education. We have

provided the foundation for equity and purposeful development by improving the quality of

teacher education,” the CEO told the gathering.
Hutson noted that these improvements focused on developing continuous professional

development programmes geared at addressing the weaknesses of some teachers. To this end,

provision was made for training and coaching in the subject areas of science, technology,

engineering, mathematics and literacy. The CEO indicated that for this new academic year,

there will also be a review of the

Students performing a cultural piece at the Umana Yana, Kingston, Georgetown
school curriculum. He further committed that school dormitories would be maintained.
Meanwhile, Education Minister Nicolette Henry highlighted the need to implement objectives

and policies that would improve on this year’s results at the Caribbean Secondary

Examination Certificate (CSEC) and National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). She said that

Education Month allowed time and opportunity for the Ministry to engage all of its

stakeholders – teachers, parents, students, organisations and the general public.
“We will galvanise our resources to showcase education whether it be through fairs,

rallies, radio, television programmes and social media,” she highlighted.

Minister Henry, however, added that there should be more feedback among the stakeholders,

and told the gathering that this would strengthen the Ministry’s strategies and systems.

She further outlined some of the measures slated to improve access to education.
“The overarching priorities for the Ministry of Education for this new academic year will

see us focusing on reducing the disparity in education by making sure all schools are

working to the same high standard. The Government of Guyana has a principled objective of

its public policy to strengthen the administration of the 10 regions and to improve the

delivery of education and other public services,” she explained.
As part of that policy, the Minister noted that there would be the establishing of regional

technical institutes to provide access to technical education for a greater number of the

country’s young people.

The gathering also heard that the National Centre for Educational Resource Development

(NCERD) and Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) will spearhead programmes that will

see additional and enhanced use of technology in the nation’s classrooms.
The observances and festivities that are associated with Education Month will conclude on

October 5.


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