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Bridging The Gap
  Saturday 17 March, 2018

Fragility of the body, ultimately translate to fragility of the mind, as such Mr. Robert Mugabe can be excused for gushing out nonsense from his delusional mind on the events leading to his oust last November.

But to think that his wife, Grace, in her right state of mind would equally convince herself that her husband was still relevant as the head of State, still the man of the people or even to believe that he was illegally removed from power is dumbfounding.

One undeniable fact that Mugabe has got to face and acknowledge is that whether he believes that this was a coup or impeachment or retirement, or whatever, his time was long overdue and the country was fade up.

Honestly, who wouldn’t be, in that circus of a first family were the father is the Head of State and Commander in Chief, the mother is the first secretary of the ruling party, cum de facto President; daughter finds herself as a member of the State censorship board, and a son-in-law who was busy running down the State airline, not to mention the two spoilt chazezesa challengers, Robert and Chatunga who had been a menace locally and abroad. In a corrupt country were employment rate is above 90%!

Mr former President, we were all fade up!

Whilst we mean well for the old man, at his age it is a norm that he has to rely on someone for proper functionality, it is plain to see that Mugabe was and is still not in control.

Though Mugabe might have been facing the cameras, I make reference to Grace because for so long she has been the face of the President, more than the President himself.

It’s even sad that in his address he continues making reference to Grace that is how Grace rescued Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo’s families, and how Grace convinced him to resign.

Isn’t it ironic that despite him being the Head of State, he acknowledges that the Kasukuweres called out on amai (referring to Grace) in their time of need, clearly here he unknowingly accepted his incapacity to assist but instead relied entirely on Grace for all decisions?

Mugabe says it was a coup, alas how then does he explain his resignation?

Given these testimonials from the horse’s mouth, wasn’t it then justified for the Government to call on an impeachment on the old man, for he was no longer in control.

Whilst I might want to sympathize with Mugabe and probably entertain his assertion that this was a coup, how then does he explain his resignation letter which he submitted to the Speaker of Parliament? How about officiating at the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) graduation? And the luxury and security he enjoys from that day till now?

To think that even after submitting his own resignation, Mugabe maintains that he was illegally removed from office by President Mnangagwa.

Isn’t this merely the last kick of a dying horse attempting to save face and shame from the world after realizing that an impeachment was under way, (an important fact Mugabe significantly ignored in his narration of events leading to his oust), so either way, he was going.

Whilst many might have limited knowledge on how a coup operates, this was certainly not a coup.

Mugabe resigned, he handed in his own resignation letter. Apart from that, he was even recalled by his party Zanu PF, moreover legislators were already in session for his impeachment before he then chose to step down.


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