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Bridging The Gap
Atif Aslam’s Concert: A Night Connecting To Your Souls.
  Saturday 16 November, 2019
Atif Aslam’s Concert: A Night Connecting To Your Souls.

By Mansoor Qureshi - Chief Editor.

Last night, was one of the best nights DC ever had this year and that was because of the famous and legendary artist/singer Atif Aslam who performed at ‘The Theater at MGM National Harbor.’ This was a full house and if you missed your chance then you won’t get another as this was the last concert happening in the east coast for this year. Organized by Manish Sood, CEO of Intense Entertainment who has organized over 60 concerts in the past.

This concert was far livelier than any in the past as Atif always brings a unique charm to all of his concerts whenever he performs and brings a lot of loving memories for all who listen to his songs, about their partners, parents or significant others.
Intense Entertainment stayed true to its’ slogan ‘One stop shop for all your local South Asian needs’ as the décor, ambiance and services in MGM was of the top notch. MGM had already started to decorate itself for Christmas and New Year and with another concert of Atif taking place they had put in a lot more effort. Manish who organized this made sure that everything will be in order so the audience has a time of their lives before the year ends.

When inquired from Manish about what’s so special in the concert and in the artist himself, he told a very interesting story which is quite romantic. He said, “The reason why Atif Aslam’s concert is very close to my heart is because of my wife Deepa. As when her father was very sick and was in ICU, both Deepa and her Dad use to listen to Dil Diyaan Gala song sung by Atif Aslam, every single day.

After his death, she feels that this song sung by Atif connects her to his soul. So, I wanted her to relive her memories with her Dad with Atif performing live. I think the reason this show is Sold Out is because of his Dad's blessing from above.”
“I think that she was able to cope up with her sorrow because of this song and now this song has become a part of her everyday life because it connects her to her father. So sometimes music is not just something to hear but it could be beyond that. It can change your life, your perception and can save you from depression and much more,” he further added.

This is why we always say that music has no religion, no boundaries and is something that can connect and bring people together for life and if you attended this concert you would also have felt the longing and love for your loved ones as this is what his concert brings out from inside the people’s hearts.

Along with this we had some amazing responses from the audience who attended the concert;

Ashwini Rao said, “I’ve been a fan of Atif since a very long time ago. His songs are always uplifting.”

Sara Bhutto said, “Whenever I’m angry or furious my husband always sings Atif’s songs to try to cheer me up. Listening to them today live made me realize how much I actually love my husband.”

Shoaib Asad commented,“Intense Entertainment always finds ways to bring together the desi community in the USA and I’m happy that through these concerts and events the bridge between us have been abolished and are becoming good friends.”
Hitesh Sharma said, “Atif’s songs are quite precious to me and my wife as that is what I sung to propose my wife and I’m glad it worked because she is a die-hard fan of Atif. Manish thank you for organizing such an amazing concert.”

This event had not only brought up memories for people but allowed them to relive those moments as well. Music truly is an amazing creation which joins people of different race, cast, creed, beliefs under one single roof. It truly is an instrument of peace and for this valiant effort that Mr. Manish Sood has taken and done, The Capital Post Media Group is awarding him the Community Ambassador Award in January and hopes that more people like him will rise and work as hard and as dedicated as him!

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 ,New York  Date:Monday 23 December, 2019

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 ,New York  Date:Wednesday 27 November, 2019

Best show and great performance. Paisa wasooll

 Anjali Sharma,Fairfax  Date:Saturday 16 November, 2019

What a show! Absolutely loved Atif’s concert. The night was simply awesome, my friends and I were super excited and we surely got more than we expected! Loved all the performances!

 Rida Tahir,Arlington/VA  Date:Saturday 16 November, 2019

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